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Oct 2017:


There are numerous smart black conservatives and your voices should be listened to and considered. I hope you and your followers are able to get your voices out on a larger platform. #CBU Conservative Black Union

Best wishes for your cause."

Clark N



"Stevi (?)

      let me  first start off by saying your web sight brought tears to my eyes. I thought Dr. Carson, and Lloyd Marcus ( American Thinker) to name a couple where

about the only conservative African American’s in existence. An exaggeration to be sure, but I don’t come in contact  with AA’s except in the news. I’ve only read

a few of your articles, but so far I have seen no bias only cold hard facts…………..from a middle class white senior citizen.

     I will take a small exception with your statement “it takes a two parents”. This is from a white guy’s perspective. At age 8 my mother (?) dropped me off at a

Chinese orphanage ( half white half Chinese), where I spent 4 years. Following that was a series of foster homes, none more than two years. One such home had

7 kids, three blood children and four foster kids. Things I remember………..7 kids sitting on the couch watching TV when the Mrs. announces time to do the dishes.

4 kids jump up……guess which ones. Being a ward of the court I understood and excepted that, but what I couldn’t accept was her telling us she loved us like her

own. Also she said their was no profit in looking after us. Stevi please understand this, she was getting $125. Per month for each did. This was early 50’s dollars.

hell their house payment wasn’t even 100 a month. After a fashion I didn’t want to live there anymore, and my only choice was juvi , that was ok with me as I knew

I wasn’t a criminal. My friends were all colors and all names…..spick, spook kraut, mex, white trash if that didn’t work we started on  their mothers. At the end of the day

we left with our arms around each other while trying to figure which “MOTHER” we could con into giving us ice cream!!!   Where are those days??

     After that there were 2 more foster homes. The last one was an older lady and her retired husband who also had 4 foster kids, which helped supplement his

retirement income. That was not a problem for me I understood and appreciated her loving ways. I knew we were foster, but we were loved like her own which

had already left the nest. Same mix of friends, lots of arguments, but don’t remember any fist fights, hell I was 5 foot nothing and Robert (the black kid) was

just short of 6 feet, and by that time I learned about self preservation, and honestly in those situations he was “SIR”. Don’t get me wrong I never hesitated to give

him a “ration”…..but I was always at least an arms length and ready to “book”. Hell he was too busy laughing at me to give chase anyway.  Where are those days??

     I was out in the world by 17(?) and the first thing I learned…if I wanted to eat I had to work. The best place I found to find work was the unemployment office.

I remember after a few years and a couple of dead end truck driving jobs I went to the employment office for the third day in a row, the man said you really want a job!!

He ask me what I wanted to do, and I told him I wanted to drive a transit bus (union work). He said he could do that, but I would have to drive a truck for a little

while longer. Anyway when I started at transit there were about 100 drivers and 75 give or take were black. Every one of them were happy-go-lucky…..well except

one….and I would later understand why. While in training I would stop and pick up a fair and with a big smile and a thank you stash the dollar in my back pocket.

My training instructor (a big black guy) would laugh and go no, no, no, and STEAL the dollar from my pocket and put it in the thingy.  Where are those days??

     At a very early age I learned my “meal ticket” was at the employment office, and when sent to a job,  do what was asked in a 60 style work ethic. I guess I could

have saved you some time and just said …… it doesn’t take two parents it only takes a work ethic and the employment office.

     It does my heart a world of good to read your blog, it is appreciated.  I guess I wouldn’t call it conservative, I’d be happy if everyone were moral, and honest.

            Keep up the good work!!!                                           Friend Bob


From CADE:

"To whom it may concern:

I came across your website from a comment posted on Breitbart. In reading through all your webpages, It appears evident that the authors of much of, if not all, of the content are black.

I want to thank you for your courage to stand for truth in the face of withering hostility you will or already do face in this time of broken race relations. I could not agree more with everything you post on your website. No one has to accept their lot in life. Through hard work and good decisions, you can bring about change.

In a time where the media is monumentally corrupt and dishonest, it is people like you who will open the eyes of others and help us get people in this country back to understanding that there really is equal opportunity for every one.

The problem now is that many dont understand that there is a correlation between how hard someone is willing to work to better themselves and the opportunities that come their way.

Keep up the good work!!!!!





""Hey there,

Ran across your site today.  I'm just some 50-something year old white guy who went to college (no special grants or subsidized loans for me, wrong gender, wrong color), got a good job, went back to college 12 years later for my masters degree, got a better job, got a nice house, blah, blah, blah.  I look at the world and think the things you say, but being a "white guy", I cannot utter a word without being labeled racist...  You're a brave soul for saying what you do in today's PC charged environment.  I admire you and your stand and for having the stones to stand up and state the obvious.  In a more sane world, what you say would just be glaringly obvious, but today, people like you who say such obvious truths are vilified...  Sigh...

Thank you for taking a stand and trying to fix the world.  My hat is off to you.  I do think people like you make a difference.  God bless and God speed to you,""



Brett N........."Sending love and thanks to my fellow conservatives.

We are the ones who are truly colorblind."


LEX (Lex is obviously one of the pity party blacks clinging to excuses for his/her poor life. Refusing to see that work ethic, manners Good HS education and Work Ethic are keys to success)
''11 hours ago (edited)
""Traitor! For all you whites If you support Southern rebellion, the Confederate flag, the KKK, and the Nazis, and the Nazi flag traitor. Bring up rap moron, rap inpowers poor people in the ghetto. Give them pride. If anything leave America, these were the enemies that we had to fight. Thousands of people had to die. The Confederates were treacherous Rebels who took up arms against America. You should put it in a museum not in public. You want blacks to forget about slavery, but yet you leave up Confederate statues, and the Confederate flag. Example, Germany, No Nazi Flags or any Nazi statues are allowed in public. Don't give me that crap about it's our history. It's a dark side of history. That belongs in a museum, not in public so up yours you dumbass!''"


West Asian Levantine (LOL West Asian Levantine seems to have a limited vocabulary)
4 months ago
""you stupid fuck""


From WCS"

""Are you familiar with WCVY America out of Milwaukee Wisconsin? they recently interviewed an African American professor that you may find very intriguig in which they did an interview called "One Race One Blood"! If I could encourage you to listen that would be a blessing to you and your organization!

Great Site from Great Reader! speaks to ""one blood one race""

Have a blessed day in the Lord Jesus Christ!""


Curtis B writes:

""I've always figured if the dispart groups in democrat party would objectively look at what republicans stood for, they would see nothing inherently racist, or infringing on anyone's rights! In fact, what we want more than anything is a productive, educated, healthy, people of all stripes, living a good life! The larger stake you have in this country, the better citizens you are!""


From Harvey:

"Ladies & Gentlemen,


I am delighted to have been alerted to your website by a good friend . . . in Thailand, no less.


I am one of the white guys that the Establishment Blacks (Plantation Blacks) would accuse of being a racist. But that is a thousand miles from the truth. I don’t wish Blacks ill in any respect. In fact, I hope and pray that Blacks in America will soon wake up, smell the coffee, and begin enjoying the peace, prosperity, and salvation that is available to everyone who follows the principles you lay out on your web site.


If you will look closely at the Whites in America, you’ll see that those who fail to follow the principles you set forth are similarly disadvantaged. but you already knew that, didn’t you?


I admire all of you for publicly standing for principle. I know the rabid attacks that must come your way. You are a great danger to the Establishment (White & Black). Even a single slave that escapes the plantation causes major damage to the plantation system. It shows those left behind on the plantation that it can be done. Pretty soon the whole system can crash, unless the escapees are dealt with severely and publicly to discourage other escape attempts.


The greatest force for mediocrity and failure is the public school system. And it exerts its deleterious effects on any child of any color. They fail to educate children to even read, write, and calculate, but they keep them imprisoned in “school” for about 14,000 hours, if the children are enrolled from K-12. At the end of their “schooling,” the kids can’t read a newspaper or a magazine and have no qualification for a trade like plumbing, electrical, auto mechanics, heavy equipment operation, HVAC, machine tools, farming, animal husbandry, carpentry, etc., etc. The so-called schools have monopolized the kids’ time for 13 years and prevented them from learning anything useful.


If you are to be successful in your quest to improve the lot of American Blacks, I believe that you must encourage small, private, (preferably Christian) schools and homeschooling.


Before concluding, I do think it’s worth pointing out that the two groups that have historically been at the bottom of every measurement of peace and prosperity are American Indians and American Blacks. Is it just a coincidence that the well-being of these two groups has been “championed” by the United States Government?


I’ll be following your activities and praying for your success and the well-being of all Americans."


From JOS

 "Hi guys.


I'm Dutch, live in the Netherlands in the summer and in Austria during the winter.

I'm white, retired, and I follow the news and allthough I'm Dutch, In my heart I am an American. Tears run down my eyes when I hear the Starr Spangled Banner. True. Really.

Like the great Jimi Hendrix, heavely against the war in Vietnam, said to the audience before playing the Star Spangled Banner: Stand up for your country, and if you don't, fuck you!

Yes, it's the constitutional right of every NFL player (or any other American) to sit, kneel or lay on the floor while the national anthem is played.

But it is also any NFL players constitutional right to leave the United States of America and go live in any other country in the world they choose and take the nationality of that country.

Best regards,



From SPS

 "I don’t know if your website is real or fake news, but you are brave to get out there and say these things and, most importantly, quote God’s Word.

Please stay safe out there….. blessings."


From Solange 
""Thank you SO much for sharing this website! It is great. Click on No. 17 for loads of laughs.""

From Kathleen October 25, 2017

"I’m an American and Irish... I pray your messages echoes to the world."
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From Patrick, November 2017

"I am a former parole officer
with the Illinois Dept of Corrections who worked in Chicago.
My mission was to protect the law abiding people in the city by monitoring parolees' behavior, helping parolees to help themselves and locking them up when they committed new crimes or offences.
Most of the time I worked
in low income neighborhoods.
My heart broke on a regular basis as I observed young children fighting to grow up in crime infested, gang controled neighborhoods.
I applaud the efforts of your organization.
If I can be of any assistance in helping you accomplish your mission, I stand ready to do so."